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It seems like folks from the Nokia Research Center Bochum in Germany are developing a project called “noBounds” that provides a low-power solution for mobile users to expand Smartphone and Internet Tablet screens to higher resolution external displays such as high definition (HD) panels, projectors, and near-to-eye displays (NED). The project aims to output video at FullHD (1920x1080p) at 30 frames per second (faster on partial display changes) via USB or WLAN. Connect a USB keyboard or a mouse, an you have a mobile personal computer anywhere you go.

The use-case video demos how the python based noBounds app runs on the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet.

Read the full email we got from noBounds innovator and Project Manager, Bernd Steinke after the jump.

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Marcelo has just released an experimental video of Canola2 on portrait mode using a port of Xrandr, with the help of the Mamona Project team.

INdT is asking for feedback. Let them know how important this feature is for you by replying on this article.


Marcelo of iNdT gives us a preview of the upcoming YouTube Canloa2 plug-in. The plug-in lets you search videos, view by catergory, most viewed, and would even let you bookmark videos. It streams videos more fluidly compared with viewing YouTube on the browser. I hope it plays the lower or higher resolution version of the videos automatically based on your internet connection speed, just like how the iPhone does it.

This is definitely something every internet tablet user will be looking forward to. If this can be done via Canola2, it wouldn't be that difficult to create plug-ins for, Qik, uStream, and videos from news sites like CNN, right?


Mac users, good news! Here's your chance to vote for the platform of the upcoming Mac version of the Nokia Internet Tablet Video Converter. The following are the choices:

  • Intel with Leopard
  • Intel with Tiger
  • PPC with Leopard
  • PPC with Tiger

You have until Tuesday night to vote. Vote now.


Nokia Internet Tablet Video Converter for the PC



Previously released on OS2007 as beta, Nokia just announced Video Center's official release for OS2008. Video Center lets you subscribe, download, stream, and manage video from feeds and gives you the option to store them on your Internet Tablet for later viewing.

Video Center is currently configured to support video feeds from PodShow and Rocketboom with other official feeds to be added in the future. You can add your own video feeds however, as long as they are in RSS 2.0, XMLTV, or SPF format.

Links: Video Center Garage, Install Video Center OS2008

Official screenshots after the jump.

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Nokia Beta Labs has just released an update to the Internet Tablet Video Converter. According to Victor Brilon (vbrilon), Nokia Sr. Product Manager:

The new version now provides support for Windows Vista as well as XP. In addition, we've made some serious upgrades to the codecs used so the video quality should be significantly enhanced. Many of the bugs reported have been fixed by this release…

The utility is currently Windows only but a Mac version of the converter is rumored to

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be coming.

3rd party developers interested on extending the utility can make use of the API which is publicly available at

Links: Internet Tablet Video Converter – Nokia Beta Labs


I’m a little late coming to this, but I ran across a blog by Dave Aiello at Operation Gadget about a three-part series on developing for the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet at IBM developerWorks.

The series was written by Peter Seebach. Part 1: Developing for the Nokia N800, part 2: Accessing the Nokia N800 camera, and part 3: Auto-uploading Nokia N800 photos.

Thanks to Dave for the blog and thanks to Peter for the series! Looks great! I’ll post on it once I get a chance to dig into it.

The iPhone is Time magazine's number one entry in its Top 10 Gadgets list (50 Top 10 lists of 2007 too).

Me, I prefer the Nokia Internet Tablet, but the iPhone is an understandable first choice.*

Neither the Nokia N810 (almost, sorta, but not really released) and the N800 (a big surprise way back in January!) merited a place on the list.

I've said it before: With Skype cam calls, the internet tablet is a mind-blowing culture-changing device. (It would easily supplant the cordless Skype phone that's number three on this list.) Think about it: walkaround visuals on a voip call. Not tethered to a computer, not paying exorbitant fees, not having to type a la IM, incredible display not a tiny phone screen, not restricted to just what the vendor will let you do. Like I said, mind-blowing.

Until then, it's all potential, no paradigm-shift.

Knock, knock! eBay, Nokia, anybody there? What's holding you up? Light the fuse, please.

* This is what's known in the writing business as understatement, a first-cousin of irony. I don't think anyone stood in line for hours to be first to buy gadgets two through ten.


The New York Times has a GPS focus in its Circuits section today — ten articles about GPS devices, free-standing and built-in, from accessories (solar panel charger) to innovative use (pet locator) to data-tracker (think: where did I take this photo?).

Hundreds of column inches. Not a word on the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet, by the way.

One article describes one family's use of GPS in cellphones to help monitor their children's whereabouts. It mostly describes Sprint's $10 monthly Family Locator service (Verizon has something similar).

When Mr. Gray uses the service, he turns to his computer and clicks on the Sprint Web site to locate either child. “Within about a minute, an icon appears on a map showing where the phone is,” he said.

The story goes on to quote Charles S. Golvin, an analyst with Forrester Research. The location services complement “one of the main motivations adults have in giving their children cellphones — to get in touch with them in an emergency.” And GPS ties into this because, he notes, “it's a comfort to have a bit more information.”

Parents may find an N810 a better present, if only because it combines location and internet calling with a full range of computing. And it seems to me that cam calls are bound to be more frequent and more reassuring on an internet tablet than using the costly telecom alternative.



Nokia Beta Labs just released the Internet Tablet Video Converter:

With Nokia Internet Tablet Video Converter, you can easily convert your videos – the ones you shot yourself and the ones you downloaded from the Internet (legally of course) – into an optimized format for your Nokia Internet Tablet. All you need to do is drag and drop your videos into the application, which automatically converts them into a size and resolution that are just perfect for your Internet Tablet.

The application is optimized for Nokia Internet Tablets such as N800 and N810.

It currently runs only in Windows XP.

Download it at Nokia Beta Labs.



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