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Most of what I learn about Nokia and the internet tablets comes from following links posted in blogs written by more clued-in folks. One link today was to a post about the QT Animation framework written only yesterday by Kaj Grönholm. (Neat video here.)

Another link I tripped over was much older. And so

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I just learned today that the CEO of Nokia was being interviewed on YLE (the Finnish national broadcasting corporation) almost six weeks ago when he let drop that, why, yes, Nokia is thinking about making laptop computers.

As Reuters blandly noted, rumors about such a move have been floating around since “late last year,” but CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo's on-air “comment was the first official admittance of such plans.”

Determining the role that the Internet Tablet will play in the cellphone maker's future has been nigh unto impossible to ken. After all, Nokia will have to have an iPhone simulacrum and having that complicates the tablet position. And if Nokia is going to reverse-traverse Apple's computer-to-phone trajectory, well, there are plenty of complications in separating out the tablet, UMPC, netbook, ultraportable and notebook niches even before you throw phone connectivity into the mix.

What can I say? We live in interesting times.


We all know how hard it is to get release dates out of Nokia — sort of an extreme version of “ask me no questions, I'll tell you no lies.”

But it's even harder to get word of a product's demise. One day a product shortage is a sales-finished notice. That's why this random encounter with an unavailable-in-your-area notice for the Nokia N800 makes me wonder what's in store.


PS: Did I say the unavailable area is North America the U.S.? Seems like a pretty big market to run dry in.

Added later: Now someone's posted the info that Dell has discontinued selling the N800.



Ok, there's no official announcement yet but Nokia has again let the cat out of the bag a bit too early — four days too early to be exact as we can probably guess that the new Nokia N810 Internet Tablet – WiMAX Edition will be announced at CTIA at Las Vegas on April 1.


Eagle eyed itT member and owner of Internet Tablet School, Krisse found the new image and link (that is not yet active) over at the Nokia Tableteer site. Judging from the image, it looks like it's an N810 copy but in black brushed aluminum, rather than blue. The previously reported BestBuy Nokia ad perhaps shows how the N810 – WiMAX Edition will actually look. No wonder they made a mistake… they're both “N810's.”

I will be at CTIA on April 1 (only) to cover what ever Internet Tablet news transpire. Stay tuned.



On February's Best Buy Mobile Buyer's Guide, a full page Nokia ad shows a Nokia N810 Internet Tablet with a black keyboard. Is this the new upcoming WiMAX-enabled Internet Tablet?

Other sites are reporting that the ad shows that it is

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labeled as N830. I used Best Buy's flash viewer to zoom in and it is clearly labeled as N810.


xohm.jpgOk guys, here’s the latest scoop I got from CES 2008. From talking with some Internet Tablet Product Managers at the Nokia booth, there seem to be some clear indication that a WiMAX Internet Tablet is coming soon. How soon? How about the second quarter of this year? Woohoo!

It will be using Sprint’s WiMAX, now called XOHM WiMAX as announced at CES 2008. Here are some text from the XOHM – Nokia partner page:

In collaboration with Xohm, Nokia is developing WiMAX-enabled devices that will offer users

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on-the-go broadband access to the information and services important to them.

Note however that XOHM WiMAX is currently running only at Chicago, Baltimore, and Washington DC but its launch to major US cities will soon follow.

There is still no info about the device itself. The specs and how it looks are still very much confidential.

As for CES 2008, a last minute trip made me catch the last day of the event. I have posted pics of the Nokia booth over at the gallery.


Nokia has filed a US patent application (dated November 8, 2007) on a device which seems to resemble an Internet Tablet. While it is still very early to know if this is a Symbian OS or Maemo-based device, a device with its look and features like a camera and a touch screen, as stated in the patent application, will almost surely belong to the Nokia N-series group of mobile devices.

I wonder if this will ever get approved, considering that it basically has the looks of the Sidekick, the HTC TyTN II (AT&T Tilt), and

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the HTC Advantage.

[Thanks daveb70!]

Ok, two rumors here. First — ThoughtFix's anonymous tipster points out a press release from Island Def Jam Music Group that mentions the new tablet that Nokia might announce this week — the Nokia N810. From the press release:

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The party, co-sponsored by Island Def Jam Music Group, mSpot and Nokia, will showcase IDJ Radio, along with Nokia???s mobile sharing service MOSH and the new Nokia N810 Internet Tablet.

The second rumor — the Nokia N810 is to feature MOSH. MOSH is Nokia's social networking service, announced mid-September this year, allowing you to share applications, games, images, videos, audio, and documents directly from your computer as well as Nokia devices.

I've dug up a MOSH article over at PC World that gives another clue about MOSH and the announcement this week:

By the end of October, when the service expands its breadth, Linardos says the built-in device-detecting intelligence will be improved. He expects that by then, you'll be able to share content with someone, have them follow the link to download that content, and then MOSH will be able to detect what device you're on, and store that info for future reference.

Lastly, I want to announce the Jaiku #itT channel (see the new #itT Jaiku badge on the main page). Together with ThoughtFix and some other bloggers, itT will be live Jaiku-ing at the Web 2.0 Summit this week, starting tomorrow. Feel free to post questions and comments in the channel. Note also that Mauku, an excellent Jaiku client, is now available for your Nokia Internet Tablet.

Happy times!




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