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Nokia has just announced the new Maemo 5 SDK. The 100% open source, pre-alpha release is currenlty aimed at platform developers allowing them to take a peek at the new Kernel as well as new components coming to Maemo for the first time, notably OMAP3 support, cellular data connectivity, high-definition camera support, and harware-based graphic accelleration.

A new revamped UI and a new media application framework is expected to be released soon, taking advatage of the new OMAP3 architecture, as well as the built-in graphics acceleration. Because of this, support for OMAP2 devices (Nokia N800, N810) will not be officially provided. An invitation is extended to developers however, to build variants of Maemo 5 that would work with older devices.

A complete list of the contents of the Maemo 5 SDK after the jump.

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Internet Tablet Talk gets

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about 700 new members per month. Out of those 700 new members, only a small percentage actually post a question or join the discussion in the forums. We think that majority of the new members would search the forums for answers but then end up reading replies that are too technical that make them uncomfortable to post a follow-up question since they don't know how to compose their replies.

We intend to reach out to the new Internet tablet users and thus, we are launching Tablet Scene.

What is Tablet Scene?

Tablet Scene is a new site for those who are really new to the Nokia Internet Tablet and the Maemo world. Tablet Scene aims to post guides and tips on how to use the Internet Tablet, as well as discuss and answer Internet Tablet topics and questions as non-technical as possible.

Tablet Scene is replacing Internet Tablet Talk's 'Tablet 101.'

Who will be running Tablet Scene?

Krisse of Internet Tablet School is joining Roger and me to run Tablet Scene. Krisse has done a marvelous job at Internet Tablet School so, a lot of the first articles in Tablet Scene will actually be pointing to articles at Internet Tablet School. It is a privilege that we will get to work with Krisse (who is also a contributor at All About Symbian and All About N-Gage).

We are also expecting that seasoned members from Internet Tablet Talk and folks from would help contribute and provide non-technical guides and answers to new tablet users in the forums. If you want to help the site and become a regular contributing writer, let us know!

How is it related to Internet Tablet Talk?

Internet Tablet Talk and Tablet Scene are sister sites –

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the two sites actually share the same membership database! This means post counts are shared, avatars are shared, signatures are shared, and even private messages are shared. The only thing you need to do is login separately (yup, with the same password), and you can visit, search, post between sites freely.

We hope to see some of you at Tablet Scene! Note that it is still work-in-progress so as always, comments and suggestions are always welcome.

Oh, our next project is the software site. We already have plans on how it will work but we hope to polish the details with the folks during Maemo Summit 2008 in September.



In Las Vegas, where the CTIA Wireless 2008 show is going on, Nokia officially announced its N810 Internet Tablet WiMAX Edition today at 2:00 p.m. Eastern.

Because WiMAX signals extend 2-3 miles — as compared to a few hundred feet for WiFi — WiMAX networks enable broadband internet connections (2-4 Mbps, with peaks of up to 10 Mbps) for users on the move.

The device will be “available in the United States during the summer of 2008 in areas where WiMAX connectivity is available.”

Nokia also announced an

upgraded OS2008 [that] introduces useful new features to the platform, including an enhanced e-mail client, support for Chinese character rendering in the browser and RSS feeds and Seamless Software Update functionality to eliminate manual software updates, making periodic updates of the operating system quick and easy. While standard on the Nokia N810 WiMAX Edition, current owners of Nokia N810 and N800 Internet Tablets with earlier operating systems will be able to upgrade their device to the revised operating system for free during the second quarter of 2008.

I'm not sure if this adds anything to what we already knew about the next OS release, but since Reggie is having all the fun in Las Vegas, I'm reduced to reading and re-reading the press release.

Here's the obligatory statement of significance by an upper-level executive:

“By delivering the kind of open Internet experience that consumers previously only expected on a desktop PC, the Nokia N810 WiMAX Edition is a compelling example of how next generation broadband wireless technology will not only change the way people think about the Internet, it will change the very nature of the Internet itself,” said Ari Virtanen, Vice President of Convergence Products for Nokia.

“Much in the way that the evolution of the fixed Internet from dial-up to broadband enabled a host of new Internet services and changed people’s expectations of what an Internet experience should be, the transition to a broadband Internet experience set free from the constraints of a fixed network will spark the next wave of new mobile Internet services, and will forever change the perception of what the Internet can be.”

I think Ari means the walkaround web is a totally new experience and the new tablet will be the first to deliver it in this form. No argument there. (I guess if you're in one of those WiMAX locations, we're talking about the drive-around web, actually.)

Just so there's no confusion about this new tablet: When not in range of a WiMAX network, the Nokia N810 WE can also “access the Internet over Wi-Fi or via conventional cellular data networks by pairing to a compatible mobile phone via Bluetooth technology.”

Nokia's press release ambiguously notes that “a number of VoIP and IM clients are available, including Skype, Google Talk, and Gizmo5, which can also take advantage of the Nokia N810 WiMAX Edition’s built-in web cam for video calls.” Whether this statement includes Skype among the VoIP clients that can make cam calls depends upon how you parse the sentence. Clarification is already being sought on this.

Added later:

Where will you find WiMAX? Alex Vorn at World of Gadgets cites these locales in 2008: Baltimore, Washington DC and Chicago (with Boston “soon” and New York after that).


Nokia has released a new firmware update to OS2008. is reporting that this release (v2.2007.51-3) fixes the following bugs:

  • 2417 No includes for libapt-pkg (aka libapt-pkg-dev)
  • 2917 libgdbm-dev is reported missing with chinook's apt-get
  • 2766 Missing libxslt1-dev in chinook
  • 2901 Can't install blues-utils-tools on current n810.

Reports from Internet Tablet Talk members say that the only thing this update fixes is the power-on problem. It looks like however that this update is more for the developers, as indicated at and from the release notes and from the Maemo 4.0 to 4.0.1 comparison table.

Nokia Internet Tablet Software Update Wizard for the PC
Nokia N810 Firmware image

Nokia N800 Firmware image


Ferenc Szekely of just sent out an email to the maemo-develpoers mailing list explaining why most of us experienced numerous problems downloading the OS2008 update, as well as the repository problems from our Internet Tablets:

The infrastructure is built so that the content from is served thru a huge caching network. We were supposed to use the same network for the firmware downloads as well, but due to a misconfiguration and _my negligence_ all the requests ended up at our origin server (

Ferenc also thanks everyone

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who seeded the OS2008 updates via torrent.

I would like to take this opportunity too to thank all the members who took time to help other members by hosting the updates, writing how-to's, and for tirelessly replying to other members to help with their Internet Tablet problems. That says a lot about our community!

Read the full email.



ACCESS Systems Americas, Inc., formerly PalmSource, Inc. has just released Garnet VM Beta for the Nokia Internet Tablet. This virtual machine software lets you run the full Palm OS Garnet on any model of Nokia Internet Tablet (770, N800, N810), giving you full PIM functionality as well as let you install more than 30,000 free and commercial Palm OS applications.

I have just installed the software on the N810. The emulator runs at the middle of the screen at a 320 x 480. Graffiti works well, the keyboard on the N810 works perfectly, and the sound works as well (note that sound does not work on the 770). It seems like it even has an option to wireless HotSync to your PC as well. There is no option yet to rotate it and stretch it horizontally on the tablet which is my primary request as of the moment. Update: There is an option to rotate the screen by unchecking the Fullscreen option, but it just displays the Palm window horizontally at the same resolution. I hope someone finds a way to stretch the desktop area.

As a long time Palm OS enthusiast, I have been longing for PIM apps on the Internet Tablet and never expected this(!), and I am ecstatic! I have setup a new Palm OS forum so IT users and Palm OS users/developers can chat and mingle.

Time to dig up my registered Palm OS app serial numbers…

More details after the jump.

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Good news! has officially announced the release of the Maemo 4.0 (Chinook) SDK for the new Internet Tablet OS 2008. Release notes and installation instructions for developers are now online. also mentions that the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet is now on route to the distribution channels so expect to see them at your local store and online in the next few weeks.



Talkster today announced that they are releasing a new application by next month that will be interfaced with Facebook so Facebook members can call other members, anywhere for free.

From James Wanless, Talkster Co-Founder and COO:

Talkster's Free World Dialing application for Facebook lets you call other Facebook users all over the world simply by selecting them from your friends list. Because you may not be comfortable sharing your phone number with some of the people you have in your friends list, Talkster never exposes your personal phone number. Couple this privacy element with our free long distance, international and conference calling features, and we believe the global Facebook community is going to love talking with Talkster.

Facebook members just need to setup their Talkster Free World Application app on Facebook, select members to call, and even add other phone numbers outside Facebook for group calls. Members can transparently call other memebrs wether they are on a mobile phone, landline, or any voice capable IM service like Google Talk, Yahoo!, AOL, or MSN.

infoSync reports that Talkster can be used together with the Nokia N810 (OS 2008).

Our pre-release Nokia N810 doesn't have this application so we are not sure if Talkster will be bundled on the the N810 when it is released next month. In any case, Talkster will be another great communication app on the Maemo platform, joining Google Talk, Skype, and Gizmo.

[via infoSync]



Nokia just released images of the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet ahead of the scheduled announcement later today. We should get the actual specifications later for sure but for now, enjoy the eight Nokia N810 product images directly from Nokia.

FYI, a new forum for Nokia N810 has been created. We also started a thread to post your Nokia N810 questions that we can ask the Nokia folks later today — we suggest you post your questions ASAP. BTW, there is a big chance that the itT servers will be crashing because of big tech and gadget sites linking in. Just in case, you can’t access the site later, post you questions over at the Jaiku itT channel.

Thanks sachin007!

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cell phone spying softwareDevicescape announced today support for the Nokia Internet Tablets (for both the 770 and the N800), offering effort-less WiFi connectivity to 100,000 international free and paid WiFi hotspots.

In order for Devicescape to give you automatic Wi-Fi hotspot access, a small application must first be downloaded to your device or pre-installed by the device manufacturer. Then, whenever your device detects a public Wi-Fi hotspot (such as a T-Mobile HotSpot) your device will send a brief message to one of our web servers. The message identifies the device and the hotspot it's trying to access. Our server will answer back with instructions on how to login, and the username and password for that hotspot if needed. Your device will then use the information from the server to login to the hotspot. All this can happen in just a few seconds and is done completely behind the scenes, invisible to you.

You can create an

Devicescape account for free. You can download the Devicescape software for the 770 or the N800 here.




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