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Photography enthusiasts from the Maemo UI Team have posted some freely downloadable Internet Tablet wallpapers as their holiday gifts to the users. Check them out:

Set 1
Set 2

Fire up your Nokia Internet Tablet Updater, Nokia just released the first official OS2008 (v. 2007.50-2) update for both the Nokia N810 and N800 Internet Tablets.

Both updates offer bug fixes and minor optimizations. The OS2008 update for the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet however, now offers full functionality which takes it out from beta.

It seems like the changes/fixes are geared towards making apps/UI more finger friendly. The following are some of the changes, according the Maemo UI Team blog:

You can now use finger sized arrows in PDF reader?s full screen mode to change between pages. Page changing is

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as easy as switching through images in image viewer. In chat application?s side, layouts have got some updates and new features

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were added like support for avatars & instant messaging through SIP. Smiley selector in chat is also bigger to be more easily used by fingers. Selecting right contact from contacts list is now faster by using live filtering where only contacts matching the inputted characters will be displayed.

Nokia Internet Tablet Software Update Wizard for the PC
Nokia N810 Firmware image
Nokia N800 Firmware image



Dell sells a lot of items it doesn't make, including the Nokia N800 and N810 Internet Tablets. I haven't seen

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a lower price for the N810 than this (screen captured on Dec.17): $419.99.


Thanks to sideout for pointing us to Dell!


Over at, Dean Takahashi points out that GPS devices topped electronic sales on Black Friday, the big shopping day after Thanksgiving:

Two years ago, the devices that get their location fixes from global positioning system (GPS) satellites cost $1,000. But the cheapest ones now have broken the $100 barrier and many are now competing on a variety of features. GPS devices were the No. 1 electronic purchase on Black Friday, up sixfold over

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last year in unit sales. The average price was $189.

Another indicator of how useful people find location info, and another point underscoring Nokia's logic of incorporating GPS into the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet.


The iPhone is Time magazine's number one entry in its Top 10 Gadgets list (50 Top 10 lists of 2007 too).

Me, I prefer the Nokia Internet Tablet, but the iPhone is an understandable first choice.*

Neither the Nokia N810 (almost, sorta, but not really released) and the N800 (a big surprise way back in January!) merited a place on the list.

I've said it before: With Skype cam calls, the internet tablet is a mind-blowing culture-changing device. (It would easily supplant the cordless Skype phone that's number three on this list.) Think about it: walkaround visuals on a voip call. Not tethered to a computer, not paying exorbitant fees, not having to type a la IM, incredible display not a tiny phone screen, not restricted to just what the vendor will let you do. Like I said, mind-blowing.

Until then, it's all potential, no paradigm-shift.

Knock, knock! eBay, Nokia, anybody there? What's holding you up? Light the fuse, please.

* This is what's known in the writing business as understatement, a first-cousin of irony. I don't think anyone stood in line for hours to be first to buy gadgets two through ten.



Rumored to be the app that will replace the out-of-the-box internet tablet email application, Modest for OS2008 is now out in beta.

Modest is a small e-mail program targeting hardware with modest resources, such as low-end PCs and Nokia N800/N810 internet tablets. Modest uses the Tinymail e-mail framework.

Modest supports multiple email accounts using POP/IMAP/SMTP and works far better than the current buggy email app. It currently cannot be set as the default email client and menus are only in English as of the moment.

Read the announcement.
Read Jonathan Greene's thoughts on Modest over at MaemoApps.

Visit Modest's official dev page.



UPDATE: The launch has been postponed.

If you have read itT's Canola2 preview article and has been patiently waiting for the Canola2 beta launch, the wait is almost over. Tomorrow is the day the guys from iNdT are releasing the first public beta of Canola2. Marcelo Oliveira (aka handful) has released some last minute status updates over at his blog — showing the different components of Canola2's UI, as well as why Canola2 is being released as an 'open beta'.

We have also created an itT Canola2 Beta discussion thread to discuss our overall experience, problems, and suggestions as we get to try Canola2 tomorrow.


I've used the Nokia-branded external GPS with the N800 Internet Tablet, but I pretty much only did that in the car and headed somewhere.

So I'm a bit mystified by the reports of poor GPS performance in the N810. Some of these are for “I was moving around indoors” situations which I never tried.

Here's what promethh wrote yesterday in the ITT forums:

I can usually keep a 5-satellite lock on a bus or near a building window. I can usually keep a 7-satellite lock when driving my Xterra or Forester. Acquisition times when warm/hot (near/at last location) have been 30sec-2min, and 2-6min

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when “cold” (unknown location)

Um-m, up to 6 minutes to acquire one's position? (OK, from 2 to 6 minutes.)

Is this something that can be improved by software? Or will it only be fixed by a change to the hardware (eg, doing something with the antenna)?

Or is this a non-problem that isn't going to interfere with real-world GPS use?


Bloomberg News reports (in its entirety, via the San Jose Mercury News):

TomTom, the world's largest maker of car-navigation equipment, will use Google's maps program so customers can send addresses for shops and restaurants to their devices. Users can search for business addresses through the Google Maps site and then send that information wirelessly to a navigation device with a click of a button, the Amsterdam-based company said Wednesday in a statement. Drivers can then view that information on the device's map and save it. TomTom is adding features to stay ahead of rival Garmin.

I hadn't thought about the advantage a device like the N810 Internet Tablet has in this regard, with both Google Maps (or any map site) and the GPS available in the same device.

But I guess a “send this address to the GPS” seems like a useful feature. What would it take for someone to work that up?


The New York Times has a GPS focus in its Circuits section today — ten articles about GPS devices, free-standing and built-in, from accessories (solar panel charger) to innovative use (pet locator) to data-tracker (think: where did I take this photo?).

Hundreds of column inches. Not a word on the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet, by the way.

One article describes one family's use of GPS in cellphones to help monitor their children's whereabouts. It mostly describes Sprint's $10 monthly Family Locator service (Verizon has something similar).

When Mr. Gray uses the service, he turns to his computer and clicks on the Sprint Web site to locate either child. “Within about a minute, an icon appears on a map showing where the phone is,” he said.

The story goes on to quote Charles S.

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Golvin, an analyst with Forrester Research. The location services complement “one of the main motivations adults have in giving their children cellphones — to get in touch with them in an emergency.” And GPS ties into this because, he notes, “it's a comfort to have a bit more information.”

Parents may find an N810 a better present, if only because it combines location and internet calling with a full range of computing. And it seems to me that cam calls are bound to be more frequent and more reassuring on an internet tablet than using the costly telecom alternative.




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