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'Walking Why web pads, internet tablets and ultra-mobiles aren't the same thing Screen Media FreePad, from a Norwegian outfit. The FreePad had a 10.4-inch screen, 800 x 600 resolution, built-in WiFi and “cordless telephone services”; and it ran an embedded Linux. No disk drive; if you wanted, you could attach a USB keyboard. The rest of FreePad's hardware was feeble by today's standards but practical for 2000. Even back then the group I was working with expected to buy the FreePad for just $800 (in quantity).[1] Eight years ago, and only $800. WiFi was in its nascent stages then, but if you were describing an organization-wide device (as we were) and not a personal weblet,[2] that probably wasn't what kept the FreePad from succeeding. What did? Or maybe easier to answer now, from the perspective of time: What is a walkaround-web tablet? What does it look like, what can it do, what is required of it? Continue reading ‘A manifesto for the walkaround-web tablet’


You might regard the Sharp Willcom D4 UMPC (pictured above) as either a competitor to Nokia's N810 Internet Tablet — or maybe as its next-generation successor.

The D4's 5-inch screen has 1024×600 resolution: better than the NIT's 800×480. It comes with 1GB of RAM and a 40GB drive. WiFi and Bluetooth, of course, slide-down keyboard and camera. (No GPS) Befitting a next-generation device, the D4 is the first web tablet utilizing the Atom CPU, Intel's low-power chip for mobiles (maybe I should say “speedy chip” it runs at 1.33GHz).

Yup, the D4 has everything going for it. “Beating Nokia at its own game even,” you might say.

Except the design parameters for a weblet include more than “screen shows a full web page width.” Light weight — the D4 is twice as heavy as an N810. Fits in a pocket — the D4 is 1 inch wide and 7.4 inches long; but maybe Sharp's customers have bigger pockets than I do.

Well, sure, they'll need to. At $1525, the D4 obviously requires deep pockets.

Me, I'll be buying weblets in $500 installments — is a D4 worth more than three N810s?

Not to me, anyway, with my small-in-every-way pockets.


See follow-up comments here and here.


A couple weeks ago, the Good Morning Silicon Valley newsletter posted a link to a story on Slate (with a devastatingly effective demo on YouTube) of Crayon Physics Deluxe:

Petri Puro, the developer, put it together by himself (it bears similarities to some other gravity-based physics demos/games) and won the “Seamus McNally Grand Prize — the indie-game equivalent of the Academy Award for best picture”* — at the recent Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

I downloaded the prototype game Puro wrote, Crayon Physics**, and was blown away by it. So was my son, and we ended up fighting over the mouse to solve the last two levels.

Wow! Crayon Physics is just too much fun to describe (stop now and watch that YouTube demo). OK, Slate comes close: “an ingenious game that looks like it was designed by a third-grader.” I immediately wrote Petri Puro and begged him to consider porting Crayon Physics Deluxe to the Nokia internet tablet.

My real thought was “Too bad that Tim Samoff already gave that gift N810 away!” I know that once Petri got an internet tablet in his hands he would realize that the tablet and his game are meant for each other.

Then a thread was started here in the ITT forums about the game — I want this game on my N800!. I'm not the only one who sees the need.

Maybe somebody in the Nokia food chain will realize the same thing when they see Crayon Physics Deluxe demoed and send Petri a tablet.

in the meantime, I'm going to suggest that everyone who thinks likewise write to Petri and to anyone they know at Nokia and tell them the same thing: Crayon Physics and internet tablets belong together.

Let's send Petri a tablet!

* To quote Chris Baker's original Slate piece.

** Following the precepts of the Experimental Gameplay Project, namely that the game encompass a single theme (i.e., “gravity,” “vegetation,” “swarms,” etc), be written by a single person, and be completed within one week.

Added later:

Visitors to Petri Puho's blog at Kloonigames can see his other games — he writes one a month and posts them there — and learn a little about this 24-year-old: “At the moment I’m a student at Helsinki Polytechnic, studying computer science. Game development has been a hobby of mine for at least ten years now. My gaming interests don’t just limit to video games, but also include pen & paper roleplaying games, strategy games, board games, card games, etc.”

Chris Baker, in his Slate piece, notes that “despite his obvious talent, Purho isn't sure he wants to go into the industry after he gets his computer-science degree. 'It's more about writing documents than it is about designing games,' he says. 'And I really hate writing documents.'” And Baker adds that “Purho will probably have a better chance of moving the industry forward if he keeps flying solo.”

I think that's probably true. Now why does that seem so obvious? You see, I'm not the only one who agrees. To further Petri's opportunities, an anonymous benefactor has indicated his intention to donate a now-idle N800 (yes, made superfluous by his recently acquiring an N810) to Petri. Shipping to Finland to occur posthaste. Games, inspiration and possible port to NIT to follow.


You've all seen the press release and the official product page. Below are some additional information I got at CTIA about the Nokia N810 WiMAX Edition:

  1. It will run Diablo. Update for N810 and N800 coming.
  2. The email client is now Modest.
  3. There are no finalized rates/plans yet for XOHM (WiMAX).
  4. Over-the-air update is now built-in.
  5. Bulge at the back for better XOHM reception. I didn't find the slight bulge to be an issue.
  6. Price will be $475 and should be out 2Q.
  7. No PIM planned yet.
  8. No one will confirm if this if the “4 of 5.”
  9. Connectivity has “Any Connection” option to switch automatically to WiMAX, WiFi, and Bluetooth. There is also an option for “WLAN and WiMAX.”
  10. Navigation software gets an upgrade.
  11. Still no video support for Skype.
  12. Color is black brushed metal, black keyboard, and goldish bezel.
  13. Case is pretty much the same but inside is carrot orange instead of sky blue.

Full demo video from Satu Sipola, Nokia N810 WiMAX Edition Product Manager after the jump.

Continue reading ‘CTIA Coverage: The Nokia N810 – WiMAX Edition’


In Las Vegas, where the CTIA Wireless 2008 show is going on, Nokia officially announced its N810 Internet Tablet WiMAX Edition today at 2:00 p.m. Eastern.

Because WiMAX signals extend 2-3 miles — as compared to a few hundred feet for WiFi — WiMAX networks enable broadband internet connections (2-4 Mbps, with peaks of up to 10 Mbps) for users on the move.

The device will be “available in the United States during the summer of 2008 in areas where WiMAX connectivity is available.”

Nokia also announced an

upgraded OS2008 [that] introduces useful new features to the platform, including an enhanced e-mail client, support for Chinese character rendering in the browser and RSS feeds and Seamless Software Update functionality to eliminate manual software updates, making periodic updates of the operating system quick and easy. While standard on the Nokia N810 WiMAX Edition, current owners of Nokia N810 and N800 Internet Tablets with earlier operating systems will be able to upgrade their device to the revised operating system for free during the second quarter of 2008.

I'm not sure if this adds anything to what we already knew about the next OS release, but since Reggie is having all the fun in Las Vegas, I'm reduced to reading and re-reading the press release.

Here's the obligatory statement of significance by an upper-level executive:

“By delivering the kind of open Internet experience that consumers previously only expected on a desktop PC, the Nokia N810 WiMAX Edition is a compelling example of how next generation broadband wireless technology will not only change the way people think about the Internet, it will change the very nature of the Internet itself,” said Ari Virtanen, Vice President of Convergence Products for Nokia.

“Much in the way that the evolution of the fixed Internet from dial-up to broadband enabled a host of new Internet services and changed people’s expectations of what an Internet experience should be, the transition to a broadband Internet experience set free from the constraints of a fixed network will spark the next wave of new mobile Internet services, and will forever change the perception of what the Internet can be.”

I think Ari means the walkaround web is a totally new experience and the new tablet will be the first to deliver it in this form. No argument there. (I guess if you're in one of those WiMAX locations, we're talking about the drive-around web, actually.)

Just so there's no confusion about this new tablet: When not in range of a WiMAX network, the Nokia N810 WE can also “access the Internet over Wi-Fi or via conventional cellular data networks by pairing to a compatible mobile phone via Bluetooth technology.”

Nokia's press release ambiguously notes that “a number of VoIP and IM clients are available, including Skype, Google Talk, and Gizmo5, which can also take advantage of the Nokia N810 WiMAX Edition’s built-in web cam for video calls.” Whether this statement includes Skype among the VoIP clients that can make cam calls depends upon how you parse the sentence. Clarification is already being sought on this.

Added later:

Where will you find WiMAX? Alex Vorn at World of Gadgets cites these locales in 2008: Baltimore, Washington DC and Chicago (with Boston “soon” and New York after that).



Ok, there's no official announcement yet but Nokia has again let the cat out of the bag a bit too early — four days too early to be exact as we can probably guess that the new Nokia N810 Internet Tablet – WiMAX Edition will be announced at CTIA at Las Vegas on April 1.


Eagle eyed itT member and owner of Internet Tablet School, Krisse found the new image and link (that is not yet active) over at the Nokia Tableteer site. Judging from the image, it looks like it's an N810 copy but in black brushed aluminum, rather than blue. The previously reported BestBuy Nokia ad perhaps shows how the N810 – WiMAX Edition will actually look. No wonder they made a mistake… they're both “N810's.”

I will be at CTIA on April 1 (only) to cover what ever Internet Tablet news transpire. Stay tuned.


It seems like folks from the Nokia Research Center Bochum in Germany are developing a project called “noBounds” that provides a low-power solution for mobile users to expand Smartphone and Internet Tablet screens to higher resolution external displays such as high definition (HD) panels, projectors, and near-to-eye displays (NED). The project aims to output video at FullHD (1920x1080p) at 30 frames per second (faster on partial display changes) via USB or WLAN. Connect a USB keyboard or a mouse, an you have a mobile personal computer anywhere you go.

The use-case video demos how the python based noBounds app runs on the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet.

Read the full email we got from noBounds innovator and Project Manager, Bernd Steinke after the jump.

Continue reading ‘The noBounds Project’


Nokia has lowered the price (at least in the US) of the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet. The price of the Nokia N810 has gone down by $90 to $389.99.

If you purchase an N810 directly from the Nokia Nseries online store, you can get an additional 15% off by using the 'SCENEZINE' coupon code, bringing the final price down to $331.49 with a free 2-day shipping from FedEx. Great price!

Is this a sign that the WiMAX Internet Tablet is to be announced soon?


Saying goodbye to the old flame (a gone-to-seed Thinkpad):

I'm sorry, so sorry. I know I have spent many hours with you, spent hundreds of dollars treating you to all the best money could buy. I have made sure you had everything you have needed in the years we have been together. I even loved you enough to load Linux instead of Windows.

I'm sorry, so sorry I do not spend as much time with you as I once did but I must be honest. I have found a new love. My new love is thinner, prettier and more

True worked soap really the pleasantly sensitive: believe open but shampoo begins gotten possible.


I'm sorry, so sorry. I'm not trying to rub it in but this Nokia N810 does nearly everything I once needed you to do.


I'm getting ahead of myself. I'm not actually developing anything for the Nokia Internet Tablets. I don't know C or C++ or Python*. (Or Ruby either for that matter.**)

Still, I'm intrigued by a reference to PluThon, which lets you develop Python apps for maemo without requiring Scratchbox.

PluThon is an Eclipse plug-in that allows you to interact with your N800 or N810 and run/debug your Python app directly on the tablet. You work in Eclipse, get your usual language support, and SSH the app to the device from within Eclipse (er, PluThon). And skip the emulation stage entirely.

Right now, PluThon is Linux-only, but it seems like it could be made to work with a Windows setup too.†

Not that I can use it‡. But I can dream, can't I?


* Hey, lucky Java isn't available on the Internet Tablets or

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I'd go 0 for 4 on the big ones, eh?

** I have at least made Ruby's acquaintance. Just barely enough to nod in recognition when we pass in the hallway though.

† And if you want that, why don't you send a note to and ask for it. I have.

‡ Hey, what's to stop an Eclipse-fond Rubyist from doing the same for that language?




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