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Despite the iPhone's tremendous hype, we all know that it's a small, small segment of the total mobile-phone market. According to IDC, a market research firm, iPhones comprise just 2 percent of smartphones — compared to the 63 percent powered by Symbian*.

Interesting then that in December, Google reported, it had more internet traffic from iPhones than any other mobile device.

Think this says something about how useful people find the walkaround web? Or why AT&T is giving free access to 10,000 WiFi hotspots to its broadband subscribers?

And why the Internet Tablet has an 800-pixel-wide screen but still fits in your pocket and weighs only 8 ounces?

Ari Jaaksi pointed out more than two years ago that with the arrival of the Internet Tablet the web wasn't stationary any more. People with laptops aren't walking around checking the web. And surfing the internet on a cellphone screen is just painful. Those were never harbingers of a web paradigm shift.

But we users of the Nokia 770, N800 and N810 know the truth of Ari's statement. And iPhone users are learning it too. We need the web, wherever we are — not every second of the day, but at any moment of our day.

And a large screen, light weight and small size are absolute requirements.

I think we're going to see a much wider commercial acceptance of this “useless” niche this year.


* Nokia owns 47.9 percent of Symbian.


My good pal, Matt Miller, The Moble Gadgeteer blogger over at ZDNet, gives a good demo and detailed instructions on how to tether the Nokia N95's integrated GPS and modem with the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet, all via Bluetooth.

Basically, you need the Symarctic ExtGPS (beta) app installed on the N95 which will allow other

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devices (mac, pc, linux included) to use its GPS, a data plan to have the N95 connect to the internet, and Maemo Mapper. What is interesting is that both the GPS and modem are working together via one (or maybe two) Bluetooth connection(s) to the N800.

Thanks Matt!

Read Matt's full writeup.


amazon.jpg just released its Holiday Best Sellers list (from Nov. 15 through Dec. 19 Based on Units Ordered) and on the personal computer category, the Nokia Internet Tablet makes it to the Top 3 list:

In PCs, the top sellers included Apple MacBook, Nokia Internet Tablet PC and HP Pavilion Entertainment Notebook PC.

Check out the current prizes of the Nokia Internet Tablets at

I’m a little late coming to this, but I ran across a blog by Dave Aiello at Operation Gadget about a three-part series on developing for the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet at IBM developerWorks.

The series was written by Peter Seebach. Part 1: Developing for the Nokia N800, part 2: Accessing the Nokia N800 camera, and part 3: Auto-uploading Nokia N800 photos.

Thanks to Dave for the blog and thanks to Peter for the series! Looks great! I’ll post on it once I get a chance to dig into it.


The iNdT team must have been actually waiting for the OS2008 update before releasing Canola2 Beta. The Canola official site is now updated with lots of new information about Canola2 Beta, videos, feedback form, and of course the install page. Note however that’s server is being hammered right now and it might take a while for everyone to download and install Canola (9.32 MB). Eduardo Oliveira (aka handful) has identified some features that are not working and some that needs polishing. It would be great if we can

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send them what ever bugs we find through the Canola2 Official Feedback page or through the itT Canola2 Beta Discussion Thread new itT Canola forum. Links: Install Canola2. Official Canola Website.









Photography enthusiasts from the Maemo UI Team have posted some freely downloadable Internet Tablet wallpapers as their holiday gifts to the users. Check them out:

Set 1
Set 2

Fire up your Nokia Internet Tablet Updater, Nokia just released the first official OS2008 (v. 2007.50-2) update for both the Nokia N810 and N800 Internet Tablets.

Both updates offer bug fixes and minor optimizations. The OS2008 update for the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet however, now offers full functionality which takes it out from beta.

It seems like the changes/fixes are geared towards making apps/UI more finger friendly. The following are some of the changes, according the Maemo UI Team blog:

You can now use finger sized arrows in PDF reader?s full screen mode to change between pages. Page changing is

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as easy as switching through images in image viewer. In chat application?s side, layouts have got some updates and new features

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were added like support for avatars & instant messaging through SIP. Smiley selector in chat is also bigger to be more easily used by fingers. Selecting right contact from contacts list is now faster by using live filtering where only contacts matching the inputted characters will be displayed.

Nokia Internet Tablet Software Update Wizard for the PC
Nokia N810 Firmware image
Nokia N800 Firmware image


Not being Linux-born or -raised, I've stumbled and stopped several times in my Maemo development efforts.

So I was really glad to see Pete Savage's how-to on setting up a Nokia N800 development environment at his blog, silentk::cbx33. It looks to have the right level of detail without being overwhelming.

I'm working on three projects right now –

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making a dictionary extension that will work with microB, porting and Hildonizing XML Copy Editor to the Internet Tablets, and attempting to get the OpenBerg Lector extension to work with microB. I'll post periodically on my progress with these efforts.

In the meantime, thanks, Pete! Great timing for me!


The iPhone is Time magazine's number one entry in its Top 10 Gadgets list (50 Top 10 lists of 2007 too).

Me, I prefer the Nokia Internet Tablet, but the iPhone is an understandable first choice.*

Neither the Nokia N810 (almost, sorta, but not really released) and the N800 (a big surprise way back in January!) merited a place on the list.

I've said it before: With Skype cam calls, the internet tablet is a mind-blowing culture-changing device. (It would easily supplant the cordless Skype phone that's number three on this list.) Think about it: walkaround visuals on a voip call. Not tethered to a computer, not paying exorbitant fees, not having to type a la IM, incredible display not a tiny phone screen, not restricted to just what the vendor will let you do. Like I said, mind-blowing.

Until then, it's all potential, no paradigm-shift.

Knock, knock! eBay, Nokia, anybody there? What's holding you up? Light the fuse, please.

* This is what's known in the writing business as understatement, a first-cousin of irony. I don't think anyone stood in line for hours to be first to buy gadgets two through ten.



Rumored to be the app that will replace the out-of-the-box internet tablet email application, Modest for OS2008 is now out in beta.

Modest is a small e-mail program targeting hardware with modest resources, such as low-end PCs and Nokia N800/N810 internet tablets. Modest uses the Tinymail e-mail framework.

Modest supports multiple email accounts using POP/IMAP/SMTP and works far better than the current buggy email app. It currently cannot be set as the default email client and menus are only in English as of the moment.

Read the announcement.
Read Jonathan Greene's thoughts on Modest over at MaemoApps.

Visit Modest's official dev page.




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