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Maemo Talk

Today, we're launching Maemo Talk!

Think of it as itT v2.0. It's an ad-free site that will report on everything Maemo. It is not officially part of nor affiliated with Nokia, but the site aims to showcase what's happening in, as well as from other Maemo enthusiast sites.

It's still

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work in progress. There are a few more things we are revealing soon so, keep an eye on the site. Also, we need volunteers to blog about Maemo and the Nokia N900.

Let us know if you want to be part of the team.

Check it out:

Comments and suggestions welcome as always.


Yay, Diablo has been released! Nokia has just released new firmware upgrades for the Nokia N810 and N800 Internet Tablets that adds a Seamless Software Upgrade Feature. Based on Maemo 4.1 (Diablo),  the new OS2008 feature upgrade lets you now perform future OS upgrades over-the-air (WLAN only).

A new automatic notification from the home screen will now notify you of new versions of the OS and system apps, including updates to third party applications. The new firmware also replaces the current email app with an open source version based on Modest and tinymail. Chinese fonts have also been added, reported openssl bugs have been fixed, and browsing panning experience has been improved.

Links: Nokia N800 Firmware, Nokia N810 Firmware, announcement


It seems like folks from the Nokia Research Center Bochum in Germany are developing a project called “noBounds” that provides a low-power solution for mobile users to expand Smartphone and Internet Tablet screens to higher resolution external displays such as high definition (HD) panels, projectors, and near-to-eye displays (NED). The project aims to output video at FullHD (1920x1080p) at 30 frames per second (faster on partial display changes) via USB or WLAN. Connect a USB keyboard or a mouse, an you have a mobile personal computer anywhere you go.

The use-case video demos how the python based noBounds app runs on the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet.

Read the full email we got from noBounds innovator and Project Manager, Bernd Steinke after the jump.

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Quim Gil was kind enough to upload Dr. Ari Jaaki's talk yesterday at OSiM on “What Mobile Users Need and How Open Source Can Help.” Ari discusses integration of open source end-users and communities, business opportunities, difficulties, upstream projects, and even mentions internet tablet 'horror stories'/mistakes on the Mozilla browser and the email app. Listen to the podcast now:

If you have questions on Ari's talk, ask them at Quim's Blog.



Yesterday's big news was Nokia's $153M acquisition of Trolltech, makers of the Qtopia framework and the Qt platform. Some of you might have heard of the Qtopia Mobile Phone, or the Sony Mylo, or Skype, or Google Earth, or Adobe Photoshop Album, or the Nokia PC Suite — one thing common about them is that they are 'Trolltech Inside.'

A lot of discussion brewed from this move from Nokia. A hefty discussion brewed at itT and posting the same question at the Maemo Developers List received some interesting responses worthy of a 'free software opera' as Quim Gil, Nokia Development Platform Product Manager puts it.

Quim, as most of us know from, has just posted a new entry on his blog to hopefully put some perspective on Trolltech and Maemo. Here are some snippets:

…I made some research to confirm the guess. When it comes to maemo, there are no Trolltech/Qt related plans at the moment.

On the mid term… well, nobody knows. What follows are my thoughts today.

Trolltech develops Qt, a cross-platform application development framework that powers KDE and is also licensed to many commercial software projects. Nokia pushes the Symbian OS with several own platforms on top like S60, plus S40 running on top of Nokia OS, plus several non-mobile applications like Nokia PC Suite (developed with Qt, by the way). Trolltech’s toolkit and its C++ native language (which is native in Symbian as well) fit very well in Nokia’s short term strategy to improve cross-compatibility between the Symbian platforms. If making a good use of the Qt library helps having in maemo some of the cool stuff available in S60, all the better then.

Thanks for taking time explaining things Quim!

Read the full article.



Previously released on OS2007 as beta, Nokia just announced Video Center's official release for OS2008. Video Center lets you subscribe, download, stream, and manage video from feeds and gives you the option to store them on your Internet Tablet for later viewing. Video Center is currently configured to support video feeds from PodShow and Rocketboom with other

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official feeds to be added in the future. You can add your own video feeds however, as long as they are in RSS 2.0, XMLTV, or SPF format. Links: Video Center Garage, Install Video Center OS2008 Official screenshots after the jump. Continue reading ‘Video Center for OS2008′

Here's more proof of the upcoming WiMAX enabled Internet Tablet. It seems like Nokia is currently working with Alvartion Ltd., Cisco, and Mocano Telecom on establishing a Center of Excellence on WiMAX aiming to provide consumers VoIP, streaming video, and an always on-line experience. Alvarion is bringing in their 4Motion Open WiMAX solution, Cisco is providing seamless WiMAX mobile integration via their Broadband Wireless Gateway, Nokia is bringing in a WiMAX 2.5GHz compatible Internet Tablet, and Monaco Telecom is experimenting on the solution at Tunisia.

According to Ari

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Virtanen, Vice President, Convergence Products at Nokia:

Working with Alvarion, Cisco and Monaco Telecom is a great step towards making Mobile WiMAX available for consumers and fits perfectly with our strategy of offering a broad and innovative portfolio of devices.

In the US, WiMAX will be via Sprint's XOHM.

Expect the new internet tablet sometime April – May.

Read the full article.


ThoughtFix of TabletBlog has just posted his CES 2008 interview

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with Victor Brilon, Sr. Product Manager, Home Networking Solutions, Convergence Products (yup, you've heard of him before). Here's an excerpt:

I think we're doing a good job initially appealing to what I call in a very loving way the “Alpha Geek.” These are the people who understand gadgets and the needs they fill. They're the people whose family calls them and asks which digital camera they should buy. I think we got a lot of those people excited about the Internet Tablet. I think we're

doing a good job of moving the Internet Tablet in the Consumer Space. I'm not going to lie to you and say the Internet Tablet is something my mother will buy, but the N810 is something my wife (who is not technology focused) will use.

Read the full interview.


Found this table at Forum Nokia:

Nokia 770 Internet Tablet sales finished%%anc%%



Nokia just released images of the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet ahead of the scheduled announcement later today. We should get the actual specifications later for sure but for now, enjoy the eight Nokia N810 product images directly from Nokia.

FYI, a new forum for Nokia N810 has been created. We also started a thread to post your Nokia N810 questions that we can ask the Nokia folks later today — we suggest you post your questions ASAP. BTW, there is a big chance that the itT servers will be crashing because of big tech and gadget sites linking in. Just in case, you can’t access the site later, post you questions over at the Jaiku itT channel.

Thanks sachin007!

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