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As a nonce word, the pronunciation of maemo isn't something you can check in a dictionary. And given its provenance, I'd venture that most people first encountered this word in print, and not orally.

Should each vowel be pronounced, making this one really short three-syllable word? Could be.

Should the first syllable be pronounced the same as the month of May? Makes sense.

Or does a followed by e represent the ae diphthong, which if really stretched out would be “maaa-eee” but which English speakers consider a long i: “my”? Well, yes, why not?

I've heard all these pronunciations used at OSiMWorld the past couple days, plus the “two-and-a-half-syllable” variation (really short e) and the “silent a” (“me”-mo).

Now some might argue that, as a trademark, Maemo's pronunciation is properly decided by Nokia. But I figure if Sony couldn't dictate that its corporate name be pronounced “sunny” (intended as a slang-y spelling of “sonny”-boy), that argument doesn't hold water.

Someone said this evening that “I expect it to be 'may-mo' but I think of it as 'my-mo'.” Me, too.

The first Maemo Summit begins Friday in Berlin. Since this event is birthing the Maemo Community to formally represent all the non-Nokia participants involved in our pocket revolution — that

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would be us enthusiasts, the users and developers — I'd like to point out that one good reason for preferring “my-mo” is simply how it subliminally confers this new status. Maybe Nokia has the trademark, but it is sharing ownership with us. With me. And now it truly is my Maemo.



The OSiM Maemo Developer Session today has previewed interesting topics to be discussed in detail tomorrow at the Maemo Summit. Below are some updates and some of the new and updated technologies that we can expect in future Maemo devices:

Newly adopted technologies:

  • Meta Tracker – content search and metadata tools
  • Pulse Audio – sound server replacing ESD & ALSA
  • OHM – Hardware management daemon
  • gUPnP – seamless connectivity between devices
  • upstart – fast system boot & stop

Updated technologies:

  • Gecko – now integrated with
  • Bluez – now with A2DP
  • gstreamer – now with openMAX
  • GTK+ – pushing mobile optimization
  • Telepathy – now with Farsight2

New contributions to the open source community:

  • to
    • HSPA/3G enablers for OMAP3 ->
  • to
    • stlc45xx.aka – the much awaited WLAN driver
    • DSME – hardware watchdog & thermal monitoring
    • MIDAS – media player application framework
    • Calendar engine – iCal RFC 2445 implementation

Maemo Fremantle:

  • SDK to be released soon
  • list of packages now available
  • incremental weekly releases unitl final version





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