You must have all seen the video that I made of the HAVA Player for the Internet Tablet in action. If this is an Internet Tablet feature that interests you, you can then participate on Monsoon Multimedia's HAVA beta program to get an advance copy of the software as well as help better the software.

As a beta participant, you can avail of discounted HAVA hardware which you can purchase now. Monsoon is then releasing the first beta of the HAVA Player for the Internet Tablet to the beta participants on May 8.

See the full HAVA Beta Program details after the jump.


Join the HAVA beta program presented by Monsoon Multimedia and experience the joy of “Internet Tablet TV”

What’s the Deal ?

  • Monsoon introduced its HAVA Player for the Nokia N810 on the Nokia booth at CTIA. The product received incredible acclaim by all (visitors, press, analysts, resellers, Nokia employees, tablet users from all over.) Everyone expressed a high interest in this kind of solution (Your Home TV on your Tablet!)
    More than 200 articles have been published in the press about Monsoon’s HAVA Player for the N810 following the announcement at CTIA.
    Clearly, this product will help sell a lot more tablets and Monsoon wants to release a strong product as soon as they can.
  • To that end, Monsoon is seeking to have as many interested tablet users as possible test its beta versions and provide feedback to their team.
  • Monsoon is offering its HAVA product at highly discounted rates (see details below) to tablet users worldwide who would like to participate in their beta program

What do you need to participate?

  • A Windows XP or Vista PC to configure your HAVA unit at home (one time process only)
    Note: Macintosh users running Windows XP or Vista under Bootcamp also qualify (VMWare Fusion and Parallels are not yet fully certified but should work in Ethernet mode at least)
  • A Nokia N800, N810 or N810 WiMAX Edition (running OS2008)
  • A TV source (Satellite, Cable or IPTV receiver or DVR, or analog cable or antenna)
  • An always-on internet service with at least 300Kbps upstream (256Kbps may be OK in cases, but the higher the upstream speeds, the better)
  • Interest in being part of a great new wave and willingness to report all your findings, ideas, and bugs if any, with sufficient details so that they can be analyzed and addressed by the Monsoon development team. Monsoon will provide a simple way to report your feedback and follow up on your submissions

What is HAVA?

  • HAVA is a TV place-shifting product that allows you to watch and control your home TV on a Nokia internet tablet whenever you want
    • Connect to your TV source over a WiFi (or WiMAX) internet connection
    • Change channels, watch your recorded shows off your DVR, access your set-top box TV guide, schedule recordings to your DVR, pause, play, skip, … Basically do anything you do what you watch TV at home with the convenient onscreen remote on your tablet
  • There are 2 pieces to the HAVA solution:
    • The HAVA hardware box which you install once in your home, connecting your TV source to it and configuring it to control your TV source and be part of your home network
    • The client software on the PC, cell phone or Nokia internet tablet
  • There are 3 models of HAVA to choose from:
    • HAVA Titanium HD WiFi.
      This is the recommended unit for tablet users because it features 2 USB ports. Monsoon will in future updates allow users to attach a qualified USB hard drive to the USB port and to schedule recordings to it in tablet video format so that you can then take the shows with you on the go on your tablet later and watch them in the Nokia Media Player…
      Supports HD and SD video input, connects to home network via Ethernet or 802.11g wireless using the included USB WiFi adapter, has no built-in tune but has 2 USB ports.
    • HAVA Platinum HD.
      This is the lowest cost solution.
      Same as HAVA Titanium HD WiFi, but no USB ports and no USB WiFi adapter.
    • HAVA Wireless HD.
      This is the solution you need to choose if you don’t have a TV set-top box or DVR, but get your TV service through analog cable or roof antenna.
      Supports HD and SD video input, has built-in analog TV tuner, built-in WiFi 802.11g, no USB ports.

For more info about the HAVA products, go to www.myhava.com.

    All HAVA models are world ready in that their power supply is 110V-240V and they support the PAL, SECAM, NTSC TV standards. If you are based outside of North America, you may need to provide the following on your own:
    • A plug converter from US electric plug to your plug standard
    • A cable adapter from RCA to SCART (if your set-top box or DVR or IPTV box only has SCART output )
      Note: SCART in French is called Péritel
    • An antenna adapter if you intend to use a HAVA Wireless HD with analog cable or antenna with a different connector than US (which is called R/F coax type F.)

What is the discounted price Monsoon is offering for their HAVA hardware for this beta test program ?

  • HAVA Titanium HD carries an SRP of $249.99. The tablet beta program price is only $179.99 (a discount of $70!) Use coupon code “n810ht” when ordering at www.myhava.com
  • HAVA Platinum HD carries an SRP of $149.99. The tablet beta program price is only $107.99 (a discount of $42!) Use coupon code “n810hp” when ordering at www.myhava.com
  • HAVA Wireless HD carries an SRP of $249.99. The tablet beta program price is only $161.99 (a discount of $70!) Use coupon code “n810hw” when ordering at www.myhava.com
  • This offer is valid only until May 31, 2008
  • We recommend ordering right away if you want to participate in the beta program, so that you will receive your order and have time to install your HAVA by the time the beta software becomes available

More on the beta program

  • Monsoon expects to release its first beta within a week (by May 8th, 2008) and to run the beta program for 4 to 6 weeks
  • To sign up for the beta program, you should send an email to
    hava-n8xx@monsoonmultimedia.com with subject title “HAVA Beta Program”. You will then be sent a basic questionnaire about your equipment environment and will be given the instructions on participating in the beta program

We look forward to your participation in this program and thank you in advance for your contributions in making HAVA Player for the N800/N810 the strongest offering it can be for the Nokia Internet Tablets.

If you have any questions, please direct them to hava-n8xx@monsoonmultimedia.com as well.

Yours sincerely,

The Monsoon Multimedia team





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