Fire up your Nokia Internet Tablet Updater, Nokia just released the first official OS2008 (v. 2007.50-2) update for both the Nokia N810 and N800 Internet Tablets.

Both updates offer bug fixes and minor optimizations. The OS2008 update for the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet however, now offers full functionality which takes it out from beta.

It seems like the changes/fixes are geared towards making apps/UI more finger friendly. The following are some of the changes, according the Maemo UI Team blog:

You can now use finger sized arrows in PDF reader?s full screen mode to change between pages. Page changing is

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as easy as switching through images in image viewer. In chat application?s side, layouts have got some updates and new features

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were added like support for avatars & instant messaging through SIP. Smiley selector in chat is also bigger to be more easily used by fingers. Selecting right contact from contacts list is now faster by using live filtering where only contacts matching the inputted characters will be displayed.

Nokia Internet Tablet Software Update Wizard for the PC
Nokia N810 Firmware image
Nokia N800 Firmware image



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