Ok, two rumors here. First — ThoughtFix's anonymous tipster points out a press release from Island Def Jam Music Group that mentions the new tablet that Nokia might announce this week — the Nokia N810. From the press release:

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The party, co-sponsored by Island Def Jam Music Group, mSpot and Nokia, will showcase IDJ Radio, along with Nokia???s mobile sharing service MOSH and the new Nokia N810 Internet Tablet.

The second rumor — the Nokia N810 is to feature MOSH. MOSH is Nokia's social networking service, announced mid-September this year, allowing you to share applications, games, images, videos, audio, and documents directly from your computer as well as Nokia devices.

I've dug up a MOSH article over at PC World that gives another clue about MOSH and the announcement this week:

By the end of October, when the service expands its breadth, Linardos says the built-in device-detecting intelligence will be improved. He expects that by then, you'll be able to share content with someone, have them follow the link to download that content, and then MOSH will be able to detect what device you're on, and store that info for future reference.

Lastly, I want to announce the Jaiku #itT channel (see the new #itT Jaiku badge on the main page). Together with ThoughtFix and some other bloggers, itT will be live Jaiku-ing at the Web 2.0 Summit this week, starting tomorrow. Feel free to post questions and comments in the channel. Note also that Mauku, an excellent Jaiku client, is now available for your Nokia Internet Tablet.

Happy times!





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