It seems like Intel is announcing later this week their own flavor of internet tablets they are calling MIDs (Mobile Internet Devices). From a presentation document (PDF) Intel has officially released, what we can gather are the following:

  • Foundation leverages Gnome Linux Desktop Technology, GTK+, DBUS, GConf
  • Intel developed user interface called ‘Master User Interface’
  • New Linux distro called RedFlag MIDINUX (v1.0 to be available sometime May)
  • Support of the Intel 915 chipsets
  • Finger-friendly
  • Browser, news reader, IM, VoIP
  • Media player, audio recorder, image viewer, camera
  • GPS, email, PDF reader, Bluetooth
  • 18 second boot time, 3.2 second resume time

From the screenshots, the MIDs look like Maemo with Intel’s customized front-end Master User Interface (MUI), finger freindly, application launcher.

It is not yet clear how far Maemo and RedFlag MIDINUX will inter-operate but you can be sure that both platforms will be covered in Internet Tablet Talk. :-)

A lot more images after the jump.

MID Screenshots:




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