Nokia N800 navigation kit

One thing the Nokia 770 and N800 Internet Tablets have going for them is that they are the lowest-priced smallest-full-screened general-purpose portable devices around.

Oh, you know what I mean — they run a full OS with an 800-pixel-wide screen, they're large-pocket-sized and they cost half the price of a comparably capable UMPC.

So what does that mean for us internet tablet users?

Last year, I pointed out that portable, electronic chess-playing devices cost a hundred dollars or more. Putting Gnu Chess into the Nokia 770 and N800 Internet Tablets obviated the need to buy a specialized chess device.

And no chess device has the incredible 225-pixel-per-inch resolution of the 770 or N800.

Half a dozen specialized e-reading devices — the Iliad, the Sony Librie, and others* — offer e-reading off a carryaround screen, a need that FBReader and Plucker Viewer** meet wonderfully well on the Nokia tablets, at a lower price.

Nokia is preparing to sell a Navicore GPS kit for the N800*** — a Bluetooth GPS receiver, 2 GB worth of European maps, a 1 GB memory card, car charger — so that your internet tablet's large screen can be utilized very effectively in a situation where the visual really counts.

I know, do-it-yourself GPS-and-maps are already here. But already-packaged and Nokia-supported sounds attractive for the non-do-it-yourselfer. And I like the spoken directions — is that part of the GPS receiver? You want it, obviously, for driving use.

The GPS/Internet Tablet combo plays to the strengths of the N800 — there's nothing it can do here that you can't do also with a Bluetoothed notebook computer, but who considers that practical? Oh, I should add that the kit includes a car mount to hold the N800 in a position the driver can easily view. Probably not an option you can find for your notebook.

For us internet tablet users, the adaptability of the 770 and the N800 means our devices keep becoming more useful and more versatile and not less.
* Not to mention the original e-readers from the 20th century like the RocketeBook (still sold today, rebranded eBookwise) and the Softbook devices.

** And soon (hopefully) dotReader

*** I believe a kit for the 770 is already available from Navicore, sans card and possibly

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requiring GPS receiver and maps to be purchased separately





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