Mobile Gmail -- -- inbox on Nokia 770 at 150 percent

Google’s is designed for picking up email from mobile phones. Wow, does it work great with the 770. All the extraneous material is dropped and things fit much easier on the screen, with type much larger than the standard view. And it loads very fast. I didn’t time it, but perceptually, with my large inbox, loading took maybe a quarter or a fifth the time it usually takes.

The Compose screen input box stays at a phone-screen width, despite the 770′s ability to accept a wider box, and it has one significant disadvantage — it doesn’t provide for attachments. Note that the CC and BCC buttons don’t show up in this screen shot because they’re below the input box.

Above is the inbox and below reading an email and the Compose screen. All of these are shown at 150 percent to make it easier to see; the message has Optimized View checked.

Mobile Gmail -- -- reading mail on Nokia 770 at 150 percent

Mobile Gmail -- -- Compose screen at 150 percent

Thanks to dillera for pointing this to us, and to The Syncing Apple for its post about this. And, hey, Apple is now on Planet Maemo — great to see you there!




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